Compton to present at Religious Communication Association and National Communication Association Conferences

Josh Compton, Professor of Speech, has been competitively selected to present his research at two conferences this fall.

Compton will present "Persuasion in Vintage Rally Day Postcards: Postal Religious Communication" at the Religious Communication Association Conference held at the historic Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church in Washington, DC on November 15, 2023. His analysis of a collection of vintage postcards finds a number of persuasion strategies at work, including mediated dialogue, word-of-mouth communication, and appeals to emotion, including anticipated regret.

Compton will present "Inoculation Theory and Sport Communication" at the National Communication Association Conference in National Harbor, Maryland, on November 19, 2023. In this review paper, Compton shows how inoculation theory research has explored sport public relations, boosted motivation to exercise, and reduced performance anxiety. He offers an agenda for future inoculation theory and sport communication research, with particular attention to understudied sports, like gymnastics, and other sport-related behaviors, like gambling.

For more information about Compton's research, visit his website here.